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Enter the bubble!

The time of expensive, ostentatious perfume, proudly sitting on a bathroom shelf, is over! Come closer, we'll tell you why.

At 100BON, our experiences in famous perfume houses have inspired us to turn the bottles around. Because yes, at 100BON, we say bottle, not flask. At 100BON, we love useful products, full of virtues, joyful and authentic. At 100BON, the value is placed in the efficiency of the formulas, and not in advertising, expensive packaging, or non-ecological plastic overwrapping.

It's very simple at 100BON, we are 100% made in France, 100% rechargeable, 100% recyclable and 100% accessible.

And since we are also 100% transparent and love precision, we claim products that are 99.91% natural.

Ah, we almost forgot: at 100BON, we smell very very good! We will always prefer to dream in nature than in front of the face of a famous muse. We pick from nature the best active ingredients and concentrate them in new olfactory routines, which embellish every moment of life.

By putting the benefits of essential oils at the heart of our aromachology formulas, we create products that are good for the body, as well as the mind!

At 100BON, we prefer to breathe than to smell. Do good inside to be good outside. Be on the side of emotion, alignment, benevolence with oneself and with the living. We have also promised ourselves to offer everyone democratic perfumery, without frills or blah-blah: our prices are fair, our labels readable, our compositions transparent, green and clean. Convinced?

Follow us: we will tell you about each product through its menu, tell you what it really does, and what it will change for you.



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