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How to perfume yourself differently?

Perfume, our reassuring olfactory bubble

Precious, bewitching, sometimes sacred, perfume has always been an object calling for sensuality, hygiene, voluptuousness; it awakens the senses. The role of perfume is at three levels: hierarchical, erogenous and aesthetic.

Used since Antiquity, it is, by its characteristics, a demonstration of self-esteem and of others, but also an asset of seduction; in the collective mind, perfume attests to a neat, attractive, sophisticated and elegant physical appearance.

An object that we like to give and receive, to wear daily or for special occasions, perfume makes us more "beautiful", more confident. Related to health, beauty and well-being. For people loyal to a perfume, it then becomes their signature, it is part of a beauty ritual.

The perfume is the reflection of our personality, of what we want to say about ourselves. It allows us to have fun, to dare, to boost our confidence and our self-esteem.

Much more than an asset of seduction and assurance, perfume is for us an evocator of memories and emotions like Proust's Madeleine. It causes pleasant and comforting sensations and stimulations. This is because the sense of smell is connected to the part of the brain where feelings arise.

Natural perfume

Considered an art, perfumery has evolved a lot since its beginnings. This has been perfected over the years, thus succeeding in recreating ever more scents with more in-depth and precise expertise.

Widely used in perfumery, synthesis is the easiest and inexpensive way to make perfumes. It makes it possible to reproduce scents in the laboratory and thus to open up the field of possibilities on olfactory notes.

Although useful, at 100BON we have decided to think and create our perfumes in a natural way, with beneficial ingredients. Composed between 95% and 99.9% of natural origin, our fragrances are an ode to emotions, happy memories and well-being. Our ingredients are chosen with heart for their benefits on the mind and their smells.

Knowing that perfume has the power to act on our emotions and thereby on our well-being, we have chosen to offer you a perfumery that combines nature and well-being: Aromachology .

Perfume yourself

The pleasure of wearing perfume… In a daily life where we no longer take the time for ourselves, wearing perfume and above all taking the time to appreciate this moment is a luxury. Time is the real luxury.

Perfumery allows us to get away from it all and turn everyday gestures into a simple pleasure and a moment just for ourselves: your daily moment of well-being.

In fact, at 100BON we prefer to breathe than to smell. The power of scents is so powerful. It has the ability to play on our emotions and our well-being. More than an asset of seduction, perfume can be a real benefit, a source of well-being to be applied for oneself.

Wearing perfume is a moment to take just for yourself, to live fully in the present moment. Therefore, we believe that re-perfuming during the day is a moment of pleasure.

Our Aromachology range is a perfect illustration of natural and beneficial perfumery. A subtle blend of aromatherapy and natural perfumery, our seven fragrances are synergies of essential oils, designed to meet seven emotional needs.

Because everyone likes to perfume themselves differently, our aromachology fragrances come in two different portable formats: a spray for application on and around you. Perfect for creating your comforting and soothing olfactory bubble. Let the benefits of essential oils enter your space and take the time to breathe.

Finally the roll-on version, for an intimate application. Apply it to the back of your hand and take a deep breath. Feel calm and serene.

The secret ingredient is always love.


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