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Our products are made from a large variety

of natural ingredients, which is why their availability is so variable 🌱

golden funnel

Musk & Jasmine - Refill

Vetiver & Iris - Refill bottle

Save our Souls

RT twist to refill

Eucalyptus & Mint - Energizing Home Spray


Rose & Bergamot - Cologne

Let Go - Roll on

Davana & Bourbon Vanilla

Rose & Bergamot

Here and Now

2,50 €

Cotton bag, 15ml

Gift box, Large model

Save our Souls

Amber & Tonka - Refill bottle

Cotton bag, 30ml

Empty screen-printed bottle, 250ml

Cuir Végétal - Refill 200ml

Glam Flower

Clean Hands, Refill


Patchouli & Labdanum - Cologne

Bon Vent - Natural Air Freshener Spray

Tea & Ginger

Let Go - Spray

Pleasant Dreams - Spray

Sweet Dreams

Neroli & Petitgrain

Wood & Powder

Desert Mirage

Breathe in Paris by Susan Oubari - Refill

Breathe in Paris by Susan Oubari - Spray

Secret Garden

Breathe in Paris by Susan Oubari - Scented candle

Shell Beach - Recharge

Zeste d'Agrumes - Recharge

Cotton Cloud - Eau de Toilette

Empty bottle, 50ml

Secret Garden - Eau de Toilette

Wood & Powder - Eau de Toilette

Amber Sensual - Eau de Toilette

Musk & Jasmine - Eau de Parfum

Clean Hands - Natural Hands Cleansing Spray

Doux rêves - Bouquet parfumé

Soothing Jasmine & Orange Blossom – Home Spray

Let Go - Scented candle

Let Go - Home Mist

Soothing Jasmine & Orange Blossom – Home Spray

Soothing Jasmine & Orange Blossom – Fragrance Diffuser


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