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Ingredients and benefits

The alphabet of perfume

The world of perfume is a vast universe with specific characteristics. Today 100BON delivers you the secrets of the vocabulary of this one!

The benefits of tonka

Queen of gustatory and olfactory pleasures, today tonka is an essential part of perfumery. This mysterious little seed has made a name for itself for its flavors with vanilla and...

The benefits of Jasmine

The Jasmine flower comes from the botanical family Oleaceae. First introduced in the East, it was during Antiquity that the Persians used it for its intoxicating and sweet scents, a...

The history of patchouli

In aromatherapy, patchouli is considered a plant of determination and sensuality: Patty Canac, our aromachologist, specifies that "its presence takes away our fears, it allows us to move forward with...

The virtues of lavender

Since Antiquity, true or fine lavender, also called officinal lavender, has been used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians for its medicinal properties.

Eucalyptus and its virtues

Robust and slender with bluish-grey foliage, the eucalyptus was planted in France and more widely in Europe at the end of the 19th century. Very quickly, many countries incorporated the...

The benefits of vetiver

Do you know vetiver? Originally from India, vetiver has been introduced to many tropical countries. Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for its many therapeutic properties, vetiver oil is known for...


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