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Slow life, what if we tried?

" Slow life ", what is it?

A true way of life , Slow Life is based on fundamental values ​​such as love, sharing, nature, authenticity, benevolence and respect . It invites us to take the time to live, rethink our priorities, find our own rhythm and allow ourselves to take root in space and time. We go back to the essential things of life, we abandon the virtual to reconnect with reality, and with nature. We prioritize quality over quantity. Advocating an attitude of letting go, Slow Life invites us to take our time, to fully appreciate the present moment and its environment.

But make no mistake, living Slow in no way implies laziness. It is simply a matter of refocusing on the so-called “essential” things and on our core values.

Finding Your Slow Rhythm

In a daily life where everything goes a hundred miles an hour and where taking your time is a luxury, how do you manage to slow down? Changing your philosophy of life is a transition that takes time. One does not pass overnight from a life going to the rhythm of the Society to a Slow life.

To start being good to yourself, you have to settle down, think about your lifestyle and rethink your priorities. Because indeed, living Slow goes through the hierarchy of one's life priorities, it is to manage to shake up one's daily life in order to enjoy and marvel at simple and authentic things. You will see that your daily life will become softer and more serene.

Slow life Well-being and if we tried?

The Commandments of Slow Life

As we have said, living Slow is an art of living. Far from a utopia, Slow Life can be established little by little and materialized in a practical way in our daily lives. Here are some tips to start your new life and finally feel good.

1. Let go: in the collective imagination, “letting go” is perceived as pejorative, giving up, renouncing our desires. But it is quite the opposite! Letting go is a mark of confidence, open-mindedness, courage and wisdom. To sum up, it means having the capacity to become aware and accept that we cannot control everything, to adapt to the different situations that life offers us, to have the ability to reconsider our principles, our values, to have the strength to move forward and accept hardships, to bring a new perspective to one's life. But letting go also means giving yourself time: taking a relaxing break is important in order to realign with yourself. Take the time to relax, enjoy a walk alone or accompanied, a hot chocolate in front of your favorite movie, in short, enjoy the simple pleasures of life. RELAX.

2. Digital detox: between our smartphones, computers, tablets, TV and smart watches, our attention is constantly drawn by screens. Did you know that screens interfere with your sleep? Stopping the use of screens with family or on weekends to rest your mind and enjoy the present moment is essential. You will find calm, serenity and restful sleep. Little tips: for those who can't do it, set yourself a time not to exceed or a time range during which you say no to screens. SLEEP WELL.

3. Live here and now : it is a question of refocusing your mind and your attention on the present, on our environment and what you are doing at the moment. In fact, focusing your mind on the present moment means fully savor the simple and authentic things in life such as a sunrise, having coffee, chatting with friends, cooking. TAKE ROOT.

4. Reconnect with nature : do you know how much time you spend in nature? Far too little time! However, life happens outside, whether in your garden, in a park or in the forest, reconnecting with Nature is important. This allows you to recharge your batteries, refocus on the essentials, to fill up with good energies. You can wait until the weekend to go for a walk, on foot or by bike, but for the more adventurous, take advantage of the lunch break to get some fresh air, take a break in the park next door. BREATHE.

5. Work on your creativity: making your creativity work is beneficial in every way. This allows you to reconnect with yourself, to focus on a task by creating something concrete (a drawing, a sculpture, a piece of furniture). In addition to creating something that appeals to you, it will improve your self-esteem (very important). Change your mind and get out of intellectual activities to create with your hands, try and above all, trust yourself. BE CONFIDENT.

6. Do one thing at a time: we often tend to want to do more and more, all at the same time and as quickly as possible to be more productive, but doing one thing at a time allows us to focus on the task at hand. and do it with care! Because yes, we must preserve ourselves and favor quality over quantity. You will realize that by doing one thing at a time you will be more focused and therefore more efficient. FOCUS.

7. Accept not being able to do everything: a day only lasts for 24 hours, you have to accept that it is not possible to do everything. This allows you to learn to make choices and prioritize. “Prioritize” one of the key words of “ Slow ”. Don't stress and blame yourself you can't do everything. Everything in its time. CALM DOWN.

8. Sharing: one of the pillars of Slow Life is to share, exchange and take the time to be interested in others. Giving value to your exchanges and rethinking your priorities is important. Create authentic, simple moments of sharing on a daily basis. ENJOY.

To conclude, living Slow is a way of reconnecting to the essentials and to feel good.

Convinced? So, what are you waiting for, start to live Slow ?

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