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Fragranced mists

A light and fresh way of perfuming yourself, around yourself. Light and intoxicating perfumes in order for you to feel good and smell good every day, the pleasure of perfuming and reperfuming throughout the day, with formulas made with 100% natural ingredients. Rediscover the pleasure of a perfumery as close as possible to nature… Our eau de cologne have a perfume concentration between 7% and 8%.

Davana & Vanilla - Eau de Cologne

Rose & Bergamot - Eau de Cologne

Elemi & Dark amber - Intense eau de cologne

Tonka & Almond - Intense eau de cologne

Jasmine & Ylang - Eau de Cologne

Neroli & Petitgrain - Eau de Cologne

Patchouli & Labdanum - Eau de Cologne

Eau de Thé & Ginger - Eau de Cologne

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Myrrh & Incense - Intense Eau de Cologne


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