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A moment of well-being with Safia Ayad

Safia x 100BON

"Convinced that our lives are a balancing act between our different energies, Safia, a coach and yoga teacher, supports women in their daily lives to reveal their potential through speech, movement, sound, and nutrition, in order to free both the material and the mind.»

Sharing common values and convinced of the power of scents on emotions, we joined forces with Safia Ayad to give you an hour of self-love, just for you.

Through a gentle and relaxing class focused on letting go, Safia transported us into a warm bubble of relaxation.

Safia's kindness and compassion mixed with the calm of yoga allowed us to reconnect with the present moment.

During this session Safia used our aromachology spray Let go which is an invitation to reconnect with the essentials and to focus on what really matters: well-being, emotions, nature.

Safia Ayad live for 100BON on the theme of letting go and well-being

Our Aromachology range, composed of seven fragrances, is indeed perfect for accompanying your yoga, meditation, sophrology, relaxation practices, or simply for your daily moments to help you feel good.

The Lâcher-Prise fragrance is ideal for enjoying a moment of relaxation and inner peace. But the fragrances Moment present , Nouveau souffle or Confiance en soi are also very good allies to accompany you on a daily basis.

Natural fragrances based on essential oil synergies, they are wonders for awakening the senses and emotions. Indeed, the power of essential oils to play on our emotions is true.

At 100BON, we have decided to put their virtues and benefits at the service of natural perfumery to address seven emotional barriers that we all encounter in our daily lives. Thanks to them, rediscover the well-being and reconnection to oneself that we all need.

To meet everyone's needs, our aromachology range is available in spray and roll-on versions. The spray version allows for diffusion around and on oneself to create a reassuring and comforting bubble of well-being, while the roll-on version allows for more intimate application, to be applied on the back of the hand and inhaled to fully benefit from the essential oils present.

In conclusion, we sincerely enjoyed sharing this experience and living this live event with you. It was an enriching moment, filled with good energy and love.

Couldn't attend the live event? Don't worry, for those who couldn't be there live, it is available for replay on Safia's YouTube channel.

Relax and BREATHE.

Another big thank you from the whole 100BON team to Safia Ayad for this very beautiful moment!

Find Safia Ayad on Instagram: @safia_ayad


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