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The rose reveals its benefits

The rose, a legendary flower prized by perfumers

Cultivated in the south of France and in oriental countries, the rose is one of the most noble raw materials in perfumery.

Appreciated since antiquity for its beauty and its natural, delicate and sweet smell, the rose symbolizes love, passion and femininity.

Its intense, sweet and sensual scent appeals to both men and women.

If in the past the rose was used by the Romans to embalm the air of the thermal baths, the development of this so special flower was born from the use of distillations.

Disappeared from the Grasse landscape for a while, the rose was re-established and cultivated again in the 19th century at the request of the major perfume houses.

Among the many varieties of roses, perfumers have a soft spot for the Centifolia and the Damask. The rose is picked near Grasse in May.

Each year, Grasse produces several tons of rose, which the perfume houses of the world share.

At 100BON, we love roses because they bring true comfort. That's why we chose the Damask rose, grown directly in Turkey, to scent our most floral and sunny fragrances.

The benefits of the Damask rose

The Damask rose, also called "Queen of flowers" is cultivated mainly in Turkey, Bulgaria and Morocco. The Damask rose originated in Syria and was imported to France during the Crusades.

At 100BON we love this rose with its suave, feel-good scent.

Indeed, the Damask rose grown in Turkey is sweet, soft and very fragrant. Often used as a top note, its scent awakens emotions, sensuality and soothing, escapism: an invitation to reconnect with oneself and live intensely.

It is said to have the power to regulate emotions: the rose brings tenderness, comfort, self love and love of others.

  • "Bergamot & Wild Rose - Eau Concentrée", fresh, lively, floral, slightly sweet notes, for a fragrance of great elegance.
  • "Ambre Sensuel", the warm and velvety alliance of patchouli and amber envelops your skin in sensuality. A magical blend that reconciles desire and refinement.
  • "Glam Flower", notes of citrus, rose and patchouli for an invitation to sensuality.
  • "Park water", green and energetic notes that will make you experience an intense feeling of vitality.

You will find it in our natural and beneficial fragrances:

Now the rose has no secrets for you. BREATHE.

Discover our selection of beneficial rose-based products.


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