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The history of patchouli

The origin of patchouli

The name “ Patchouli ” appeared in the 19th century, originating from a Tamil name made up of the association of the terms patch, which means green, and ilai, which means leaves.

The patchouli leaf comes from the Lamiaceae botanical family. Patchouli grows in the form of a bush and is a tropical and perennial herb.

Originally from Southeast Asia, patchouli is mainly produced in Indonesia, China, South India, and the Philippines. Its leaves are harvested throughout the hot season, from May to September. At harvest, the fresh foliage is odorless. It is from the fermentation that the intoxicating scents of patchouli become recognizable.

Each year, approximately 1,600 tons of patchouli essential oil are produced in Indonesia. This is commonly called the “Nilam”.

Associated with the hippie trend of the 1960s, patchouli had a hard time. In fact, perfumes with patchouli were badly perceived at that time. This evoked a spirit of rebellion and freedom that blended perfectly with the exotic notes of this perfume. This has really damaged the notoriety of patchouli. It was not until the 1990s that the release of Thierry Mugler's "Angel " perfume brought patchouli back into fashion.

During this period, patchouli made a name for itself in the world of luxury perfumery.

Patchouli in perfumery

Today, patchouli is an essential raw material in perfumery, for both women's and men's fragrances.

Its warm and woody notes go perfectly with vetiver, cedar or even sandalwood to create complex and intoxicating fragrances. Perfumers appreciate it for its dark aromatic notes that bring depth and character to the fragrance. Patchouli also brings out the fresh notes of oriental or chypre fragrances. Indeed, it brings sensuality and charisma to the perfume, in particular when it is associated with sweet notes such as vanilla, incense, cistus, rose or jasmine.

Patchouli in aromatherapy

In aromatherapy, patchouli is considered a plant of determination and sensuality: Patty Canac, our aromachologist, specifies that " its presence takes away our fears, it allows us to move forward with confidence".

The emanation of its powerful fragrance brings us a bewitching charisma, seductive and full of energy!
At 100BON, we particularly appreciate this emblematic ingredient. You will find it in our Aromachology ranges in Self Confidence, in spray or roll-on as well as in our scented mists Labdanum and Pure Patchouli, Myrrh and Mysterious Incense , Nagaranga and Lemon Sandalwood and Exquisite and Immortal Maquis. But also in our La Villa Calvi***** collection where the Corsican maquis is in the spotlight. Breathe in the sweet, sunny scents of immortelle and patchouli, reminiscent of hot afternoons by the sea.

All these creations are beautiful highlights of this fragrant plant. And for lovers of patchouli, discover our beneficial interior fragrance, Patchouli and protective Immortelle in home spray or fragrance diffuser!

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