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The benefits of tonka

The origin of tonka

The word “ tonka ” comes from an Amerindian language: the tupis, located between French Guiana and Brazil. We therefore find this little magic seed especially in South America. It comes from the fruit of a tropical tree more commonly called coumaru or sarrapia.

The same name is used for the tree, which gives the fruit of which the bean is actually only the kernel.

The tonka harvest takes place in the spring. Indeed, once the fruit has reached maturity in winter, it falls, and only the ripe fruits are harvested. They are then left to dry for about a year. Once the maturation phase is complete, the brown-skinned bean is extracted. The beans are dried in the sun and macerated in alcohol for 24 hours. Finally, the last step is to let them dry one last time in the open air, this is when the coumarin crystals appear.

The tonka takes the form of an almond which is appreciated for its multiple and rich sides!

Tonka in perfumery

One of the first use of tonka was to perfume cupboards. As a result, the seeds were crushed and reduced to powder and placed in small pouches, placed in the laundry.

Olfactively, the tonka bean is quite rich, it has a rather sweet smell, which is very reminiscent of that of vanilla with an exotic aspect. There are soft and sweet nuances reminiscent of almond, caramel or even pistachio. But also woody notes with a dried and honeyed hay side.

Queen of gustatory and olfactory pleasures, today tonka is an essential part of perfumery. This mysterious little seed has made a name for itself for its flavors with vanilla and almond notes!

Tonka and its benefits in aromatherapy

The coumarin contained in the tonka bean has many virtues for our organism. Consumed in small quantities, it has toning, soothing, antispasmodic, but also anti-coagulant properties which is beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

And these are not the only benefits of this little bean! Indeed, even if no scientific study proves it, indigenous peoples praise its virtues against cough, nausea, cramps as well as fatigue.
This magical little seed is also considered a lucky charm, in fact, it is used to attract luck!

At 100BON we strongly appreciate this coveted ingredient for its soft and soothing touches . Let yourself be tempted by the sweet and gourmet aromas of almond and tonka bean .

You can also find its notes in our scented mists, Absolute Tonka and Almond and Powdered Mimosa & Heliotrope , bewitching scents you won't be able to do without.

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