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100BON ♥️ Véronika Loubry

The secret ingredient is always love.


Made in France

we highlight the French know-how.

Cruelty Free

no animal testing on finished products or raw materials


refill your bottles and do something for the planet


carefully selected natural ingredients

New products

Cuir Végétal - Eau de Parfum

Glam Flower - Eau de Toilette

Shell Beach - Eau de toilette

Citrus Zest

The daily wellness experience.

Our Perfumes

Our perfumes are not smelled, they are breathed. Discover French natural perfumery.

Holistic Fragrances

Holistic scents in roll-on sprays to improve your daily well-being.

The House

Invite a natural olfactory bubble into your home with sprays and diffusers


Holistic fragrances for the home.

Scents that make you feel good.

Wonders of small and large bottles, real care concentrates, to breathe in to find balance and (re)take control of your emotions.

Do yourself good

Green, accessible and committed!

The Refill

At the heart of our 100 BON DNA, we attach particular importance to ecology and believe that each small gesture has an impact. The Recharge lets you think bigger at a better price.
And because we are not bottle sellers, you keep your bottle and fill it as you wish. You are making an economic, ecological and virtuous gesture.

A more beautiful and responsible experience that lasts longer.

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Have you breathed today?

When essential oils and natural perfumery marry, it gives a new, nomadic aromatherapy, which feels good.

At 100BON, we don't smell a perfume, we breathe it.
It's time to take the time.


natural perfumes, refillable and recyclable.

Payment by credit card and Paypal

Free delivery in France from €59.

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The story

Nature sublimated

By creating 100 BON in 2018, Christophe Bombana launched, in his words , "the first natural and accessible perfumery that reconnects man to nature and therefore to himself" . Inexpensive compositions, with simple and refillable packaging, rely more on a very high percentage of natural raw materials and an aromachological approach than on advertisements and muses. He wanted to bring a new vision of perfume, "often perceived as too expensive, intrusive or associated with the luxury sector, which explains why only 1/3 of Europeans use it regularly" , he explains.


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