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Everything you need to know about the orange flower harvest

The history of the orange flower 

A little history for the harvest of the orange flower: the bigaradier or Seville orange is a tree native to Asia.

Did you know that in the 20th century in the Maritime Alps, hundreds of hectares were devoted to the harvest of the orange tree? Even today in the south of France, in Grasse in particular, the orange blossom is harvested in May.

Orange blossom has very quickly made a place for itself in the field of perfumery. Indeed, this tree with edible but bitter fruits, offers very fragrant flowers that have the power to satisfy perfumers.

Delicate raw material, the orange blossom, whose buds are harvested one by one, by hand, is transformed into an essential oil called "neroli".

Its fragrance delivers vegetal, sweet, powdery and floral notes that evoke childhood, femininity and the softness of a summer afternoon.

All about Orange blossom plant

The benefits of the orange flower

Although orange blossom is prized for its fragrance, we appreciate it most in aromatherapy because it has many benefits.

Indeed, the essential oil of orange flower (or neroli) is known for its soothing and relaxing properties

At 100BON we especially love using it for its sweet and gentle scent that brings back fond memories. You'll find it in our Neroli & Spring Grain and Jasmine & Orange Blossom soothing fragrances.

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