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Let's talk sophrology with Ombeline

Ombeline x 100BON

Today we present Ombeline Laurent, sophrologist, inspiring woman and 100BON ambassador. You've probably seen her on our Instagram for the animation of live shows.

Sophrology is one of the new players in the field of well-being and that's why we contacted Ombeline in September 2020. At 100BON we truly believe in the power of this method and we are committed to working hand in hand with Ombeline.

But before starting this interview, let's discover what sophrology is?

Sophrology is a method that aims to recover harmony between the physical and mental. A natural method based on relaxation and breathing, it allows you to mobilize your own abilities: well-being, self-confidence and calm. Sophrology energizes in a positive way the qualities, thoughts and resources of each to help better develop its potential. This gentle method is always based on breathing, muscle relaxation and visualization of positive images. The most important thing is to listen to your sensations and what your body is sending back.

Hello Ombeline, can you introduce yourself ?

Ombeline, soon to be 30 years old, originally from Lille, I have lived in Paris for a long time. I worked in digital communication, more precisely in social network strategies. After 4 months on a sailing boat with my boyfriend (who is now my husband), we had a big rethink about our lifestyle when we returned to Paris. This experience on the open sea was the trigger to leave the city life and settle in the country. It is thus in a small Norman hamlet that I have been living for 4 years, with my feet in the water (never far from the Seine!), surrounded by flowers, trees, plants... a haven of peace where we decided to start our family.

What is your job ?

This move in the middle of nature made me realize that I wanted something else. For a long time I had doubts about my real fulfillment in a communication agency, I clearly had a comfortable life, but I always felt the need for independence and real human connections. The real click came during my first pregnancy and post-partum. I quickly started my reconversion in sophrology. I knew this technique well because I had already done a sophrology therapy with an incredible woman. Two years later, diploma in hand, I am a master practitioner in sophrology & relaxation, installed at home in the Eure and regular visits to Paris.

What is your vision of well-being (personal definition)?

For me the well-being goes through your philosophy of life. This is what sophrology taught me:positive thinking with the Coué method. This desire for positivity in your daily life really helps you to have a much more stable physical, psychic and emotional state, and get out of an anxious or stressful environment more easily.  In short, for me, well-being is when you feel good about yourself, when you can take some distance when you feel that the energy is not good for you and when you accept your emotions as they come (while knowing how to manage them of course).

How did you start sophrology ?

I started sophrology at 23 with an amazing therapist in Paris. I discovered what the famous positiv'attitude really was, learned how to manage my stress and above all managed to free myself from past traumas. It was so powerful that I wanted to learn more about this technique by training in it 5 years later! So I spent 2 years at the Cassiopeia Institute in Chatou. It was an incredible experience during which I was able to explore complementary tools to sophro: Bach Flowers and Essential Oils. A revelation !

How do you include sophrology in your daily life?

It's a daily job: several things come to mind.

Deep breathing. I do it every hour! Before doing sophrology I tended to be apneic all the time. Now I run out of air when I watch people (not) breathe.

Anchoring : it changed my life! Anchoring myself morning, noon, evening, at any time of the day really helps me to fly less, be less tired, less head in the air etc... Anchoring is the basis !

Mindfulness : I do more and more things with mindfulness : eating, drinking, walking, taking my shower. It has become an obsession. But I reassure you I still have to evolve on this subject (and yes I still find too often my iPhone in my fridge.. A good example to tell you that I still have work to do !

Thinking positive I try to stay focused on the positive, relativize in the face of everyday problems, especially with 3 children at home it is not always obvious. My husband repeats to me constantly : "there is no problem, there are only solutions" I dream or it is him the sophrologist ? 

For you, well-being goes through sophrology ?

Clearly yes ! As I said above, well-being comes first and foremost through your life philosophy. Sophrology helps you to develop your positive thinking in your daily life, to break your limiting beliefs, to reinforce your self-confidence but also to manage your emotions including stress. All this brings you well-being in your daily life, doesn't it ?

Smells have the power to make us feel good, to bring us into a calm and peaceful emotional state, can you explain why ?

Smells and emotions are intimately linked, a smell can thus touch our intimate functioning as soon as its first effluvia tickles our nostrils... ". "It is noted that the breathing of an odor will not only help us to find a single memory but a multitude of others, related to events experienced at the time we recorded the odor in question.

You understand that breathing a scent that evokes positive memories, distant or recent, allows us to feel calmer, more peaceful. This also explains why it was obvious to me to integrate essential oils into my sophrology practice. Breathing a scent during a session really helps my clients to anchor themselves more easily, to relax more deeply and to visualize, especially in sophro-amnesia. (technique to go and find positive memories).

How did you hear about the brand ?

I was contacted by the communication manager on Instagram in 2020. It was a discovery since I was completely unfamiliar with the brand. The same day, I was passing by the Seinographe: a committed holistic concept store in the 9ᵉ arrondissement of Paris to visit my future practice. Coincidentally, Marina was selling 100BON products and told me nothing but good things about them. Indeed, I was seduced by the crazy smells, but also by the format of the products : transportable in the handbag, sleek design, efficient... I love to pay attention to the synchronicities we encounter in our lives and this one was obvious. I didn't hesitate to say yes to receiving products and testing them at home and at the office.

What does 100BON mean to you?

Modernity, innovation, well-being and accessibility! Everything is there to be seduced by the 100BON concept. One point that I particularly appreciated : their simple communication, without fuss, and especially turned towards nature which is put forward : flowers, plants, roots of trees...

What products do you use?

Honestly, I use almost every product in the Aromachologie line, especially in the office. But we all have a product we can't live without. And I have to say that "Letting Go" and "Sweet Dreams" are my little darlings that I always have on hand.

When do you like to use them ?

This is a very difficult question to answer because I use them both at home and in the office. I will give you several examples :

  • Letting go : I use it before my yoga practice: I apply the roll-on to my wrists and spray it around my mat! This allows me to get into my wellness bubble very quickly.

Letting go" is also a favorite of my clients. I tend to spray it in the office to create a nice, relaxed atmosphere. It's a hit every time! This magnolia scent is super powerful and helps my clients feel soothed and relaxed within the first few minutes of the consultation. Just talking about it makes my mouth water !

  • Present Moment : I tend to apply this when I do my "preparatory quintet" (a sophrology technique for grounding, refocusing and protecting yourself between each client in the office). I especially love it for anchoring as you can really smell the Vetiver that I love !
  • Sweet Dreams : The Sweet Dreams spray sits on my nightstand - I use it almost every night as part of my bedtime ritual. Before I go through the bathroom, I spray my room, turn on a dim light and close the door tightly. When I go upstairs to bed, the atmosphere is zen like a cozy cocoon and calls for relaxation. And if you're thinking, "my darling will never appreciate the smell", you should know that orange trees are very appreciated and help you sleep.
  • Clear ideas : I only use it as a roll-on, for example right now, this is the one I have on my wrists to write this article. That Atlas cedar smell is addictive and helps me get my feet on the ground. The peppermint allows me to be much more concentrated and stay focused on my subject.

Do you have any advice for use ?

It really varies according to your needs and desires. Some people prefer the roll-on: easy to use, you apply it to your wrists and then take deep breaths while bringing your forearms towards your face.

Very useful to do your cardiac coherence for example: letting go, clear thinking, self-confidence, present moment.

As for the spray, it is ideal to diffuse a scent in a room and create a relaxing environment: sweet dreams, letting go, self confidence.

What fragrance would you recommend to someone who doesn't know 100BON ?

Letting go or self-confidence without hesitation. These are clearly the two favorite products of my customers: 90% buy one of the two roll-on or spray. Their smells are bewitching and addictive !

A big thank you to Ombeline for this beautiful sharing!

Find her on "https://www.ombelinelaurent.com/">her website and on her networks.

Instagram "https://www.instagram.com/ombelinesophrologue/">@ombelinelaurentsophrologue

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