Brume Pacifiante 100ml

Scented Mist textile / made in France

100BON is creating a collection of scented mist for linen. Perfume your textiles according to your wishes to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere conducive to welfare.

  • Made in Grasse
  • 100% natural fragrances based on essential oils
  • Aromatic notes are creating a peaceful environment
  • Scents of citrus fruits and herbs will help you recharge your batteries and will allow you to get fresh ideas such as a walk in the heart of a green space


16,58 €

Size1,2 ml (Sample)
DETOX rangeNotre gamme d'eaux de toilettes DETOX PAR 100BON se compose d'alcool naturel de betterave et d'un "zeste" de molécules de synthèse. Nous créons ainsi un éventail de fragrances aussi large que la parfumerie traditionnelle tout en conservant une composition aussi naturelle que possible.
Type of productEau de toilette
Type de produitsBrumes textiles

Notre gamme