Natural products

100BON is a brand certified natural, vegan and bio.

  • Our products are bio

A part of our fragrances are coming from organic farming which means our products are certified organic. That is to say our fragrances are exclusively composed of vegetable raw materials whose are at least for 10% coming from organic farming. Our products are guaranteed organic thanks to the Ecocert label on them.

You can find our organic fragrances here :

  • Our products are vegan

Most of our products are exempted from every « animal » additives and are not tested on them. Beyond that, we are fighting not to use animal additives. That’s why our different products are considered as « cruelty free » : because we respect animal rights.

You can find our vegan products here: 

  • The Slow cosmétique label

Most of our fragrances are holding the label “Slow Cosmétique”. This label can be defined by 4 words :

- "ecological" : minimized its impact on the environment

- "healthy" : not tested on animals

- "smart" : answer every needs of the skin by using nobles ingredients from bioavailable resources

- "reasonable" : reflects the quality of the products