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The benefits of Jasmine

The origin of Jasmine

The name " Jasmine ", of Arab-Persian origin, is composed of the association of the terms Jas which means despair, and Min which means lie, which evokes betrayal in reference to the torments of Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad.

For centuries, jasmine has been the symbol of love and femininity in the East. Its first use was to flavor tea and to be used as an ornament during ceremonies.

Jasmine comes from the botanical family Oleaceae . Originally from South-West Asia, it is mainly produced in China, India, Egypt, Italy and Morocco. The flowers are harvested at the end of the hot season, from August to October. For the harvest, these flowers open before dawn and the picking must therefore be as early as possible in order to prevent the sun from burning their petals.

Jasmine in perfumery

Today, jasmine is an essential raw material in perfumery, especially in women's fragrances.

Among the three hundred known species of jasmine, two of them are the most used in the world of perfumers:

  • Sambac jasmine from India, known for its sides of orange blossom and fresh notes.
  • Jasmine grandiflorum from Egypt or Grasse, for its floral, fruity, animal and powdery sides.

Its sweet and floral notes go perfectly with ylang-ylang flower, rose, patchouli or even sandalwood to create sensual, soft and intoxicating fragrances. Perfumers appreciate it for its smooth, floral notes that bring softness and lightness to the fragrance. You can find these notes in our Jasmin & Ylang fragrance.

Benefits of Jasmine

Jasmine in aromatherapy

In aromatherapy , jasmine is considered a flower that help relax and brings confidence and serenity: Patty Canac, our aromachologist, specifies that " its presence takes us away from the world, worries and fears".

The emanation of its sweet fragrance brings us a bewitching, soothing and full of confidence charisma!
At 100BON, we particularly appreciate Jasmine for its relaxing properties. You will find it in our Aromachology range and more particularly in our Let Go fragrance, in spray or roll-on. And for lovers of jasmine, you will also find it in our Home collection with our soothing Jasmine & Orange Blossom  in spray or reed diffuser format.

Breathe in the floral and sunny scents of jasmine and enjoy a soothing olfactory and sensory journey.


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