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The virtues of lavender

The Many Benefits of Lavender

Since Ancient times, true or fine lavender, also called officinal lavender, has been used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians for its medicinal properties.

There are more than three hundred varieties of lavender. Lavender officinalis is the most used one and best known; it is harvested in Provence, France, between July 15 and August 15.

Cultivated in the south of France since the 13th century, it became a must both in perfumery and in infusion, inhalation or massage remedy. Indispensable in the first aid and aromatherapy kit, it is now a reference in terms of skin care and well-being. In addition, lavender has excellent calming, soothing and relaxing effects. It is traditionally used in case of headaches, muscle tension and stress.

In aromatherapy , its essential oil is used to bring calm, serenity and well-being. According to our aromachologist Patty Canac, true lavender “consoles us from our sorrows, it promotes our creativity in zenitude". It “allows us to attain wisdom at peace with ourselves.".

This is also a valuable ally in the fight against insomnia. With its calming virtues, it soothes the body and helps the mind relax, which makes it easier to fall asleep.

Lavender in perfumery

In perfumery, fine lavender is part of the agreste olfactory family. Its floral, suave, straw-like, sometimes camphorated smell transports us straight to Provence. It is found in many colognes.

Today lavender is an integral part of the landscape of French perfumery.

Close your eyes and breathe in the sweet, floral and sunny scent of lavender. It transports you straight to the fields of Provence and brings back sweet memories of summer.

You will find it in our ranges: scented mists, aromachology and soaps with the “ Lavender and eucalyptus ”, “ Ginger and vetiver ” and “ SOS ” fragrances.

To learn more about lavender and aromachology Patty Canac reveals the secrets of plants in her book entitled " The guide to olfactory emotions ". Immerse yourself in this book where Patty combines know-how and passion.

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