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How to learn to breathe better?

A good breath to find well-being and serenity

In the constant race for productivity and profitability, our daily lives can quickly become stressful, exhausting and hectic. We take less and less time to rest, recharge and feel good.

We breathe mechanically without really realizing that in addition to being vital, it acts on our body, our emotions, our well-being.

Whenever we are stressed, anxious or upset, our heart rate increases. Breathing then becomes rapid, jerky and irregular. We must not panic, on the contrary. As soon as we become aware of this and act on our breathing to make it slower, more peaceful, inner calm settles in again and gives way to inner well-being.

A good breathing will have benefits on your physical and emotional balance. To put this into practice, there are simple breathing exercises that allow you to feel better and to calm your mind. A "good breath" is a deep breath in consciousness and in cardiac coherence. Clear your mind.

Wellness breathing exercises

Here are three breathing exercises that will help you find calm and serenity

1/ Cardiac coherence: accepting and regulating your emotions

Cardiac coherence is a physiological relaxation technique used in sophrology. It has been scientifically proven that it has positive effects on our body.

This method is based on breathing exercises to slow down the heart rate and thus reduce stress and anxiety. The advantage is that you can do it anywhere and at any time: at home, at work, on the road. The objective is to become aware of your breathing for at least three minutes while counting between 4 and 6 seconds on your inhalations and then do the same on your exhalations. To facilitate or complete the exercise, you can totally associate the exercise with positive visualizations (happy moments, memories, people.).

At 100BON we combine heart coherence with our Aromachology products. Combined with our essential oil synergies, this exercise allows us to become aware of our breathing.

To end the day on a positive note, do the exercise with the Letting Go fragrance. Eliminate the tension and stress accumulated during the day.

If you have trouble sleeping, cardiac coherence combined with Sweet Dreams will give you the most peaceful of nights.

2/ Pranayama, pratique bienfaisante ancestrale

Pranayama is an ancient yogic term meaning "breath control". "Prana" meaning vital energy, this technique helps to recharge one's batteries, to relax and leads to well-being.

Part of one of the eight branches of yoga, Pranayama consists in regulating one's breathing while learning to control one's breath. Practiced regularly, this method allows to acquire a conscious, calm and regular breathing. This then allows to reach calm and inner serenity.

Pranayama is based on the conscious belly or abdominal breathing that we have at birth, but which we unfortunately quickly lose to make way for the very mechanical thoracic breathing. This exercise has many benefits. It allows to realize deeper inspirations and thus to oxygenate the body in an optimal way.

To begin the exercise, lie down on the floor in a comfortable posture, releasing your abdomen. Then place one hand on your belly and the other on your chest. Listen and feel your breathing for a few moments. Pay close attention to the movements of your body, feel each of your breaths, without judgment. Take an inhalation by inflating the belly first, then the rib cage. Breathe out through your nose, emptying the air in your rib cage first, then the air in your belly. You should repeat this breathing for at least three minutes.

3/ Alternate breathing or Nâdî Shoddhana for purification

This effective, simple and fast method is part of Pranayama. It consists in performing the alternate breathing, called "Nâdî Shoddhana" which means in Sanskrit the purification of the energy channels. For this exercise, breathe in for 4 seconds by blocking one nostril with your thumb, then block your breath for 2 or 3 seconds before breathing out for 8 seconds through the other nostril while blocking the opposite nostril with your index finger.

To get the full benefit of the exercise, repeat this at least three or four times. This way, fill up with energy on the inhalation and drive out stress and anxiety on the exhalation. You will see, the benefits are immediate!

Combined with our Aromachology fragrances, these exercises will become your new daily companions to live more serenely, more lightly and in total well-being.

Would you like to do these exercises? Stop for a moment, breathe in and out with our experience: Breathing

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